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Top Tile Trends For 2023 - Is It Time To Zhuzh Up Your Bathroom?

Here are some of the trends I've seen that will making a feature this year...

Our homes play an important role in how we feel and it is so important when planning a new bathroom renovation to plan ahead.

Our homes need to reflect our personality - it's where we can be ourselves and feel relaxed. It might be that you want your new bathroom to enhance your connection to nature or be full of pattern or colour or you might be wanting timeless sophistication that will last for years.

With an ever increasing array of stylish tiles to choose from, we have the opportunity to become more daring with our approach to design. Neutral palettes, a clear favourite of mine, will always stand the test of time but I'm seeing clients pushing their own boundaries and going for bold and bright colours for a real statement. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong - it's personal choice - it's your bathroom, your sanctuary.

Tile Trend - Marble

Timeless elegance - I believe you can't go wrong with marble. So many choices available - whether you prefer blueish greys, deep greens, delicate blush tones or my personal favourite - pale Italian Carrara marble, named for the region it comes from. There are also many ways to add texture to porcelain marble tiles and there are now many interesting patterns available such as herringbone, scalloped, cubed and hexagonal motifs.

Tile Trend - Colour

In line with interior design trends, colour has made a resurgence and this is definitely reflected in many tiles.

Whether you want to take a subtle approach and combine solid colours in soft, tonal hues or go for strong, bold colours - this is all possible and can look great provided you have cleverly thought through the pattern and mixing and matching works well too. Consider adding white tiles for a visual pause, or choose a muted version of a bold shade for a palette that’s rich without being overpowering. Enhance the contrasts in your tile scheme by pairing designs with different textures, such as textured tiles with plain, or matt with glazed finishes. Recently I've paired herringbone with rectangular - make a feature out of your shower enclosure - and think about a recessed niche in the shower for your toiletries; this can also be a feature using a different tile to compliment.

Tile Trend - Indoor/Outdoor

A huge trend recently is to embrace nature and we are always looking to brings the outside into our living spaces. We love a kitchen, dining space or living area that flows seamlessly out to our garden or terrace and this is works brilliantly when indoor/outdoor floor tiles are used. Look for tiles that also have their matching outdoor equivalent - these tiles come in two different thicknesses and create a flowing aesthetic linking the inside to the outside seamlessly.

Indoor / Outdoor Floor Tiles

Tile Trend - Texture

Textured tiles can work beautifully to create an organic feel and they can also work beautifully when combined together. Consider using textured tiles to create a focal point - as I mentioned previously, this can be very effective in a shower enclosure or as a feature bath or vanity splashback.

Textured Feature Vanity Wall

Tile Trend - Checkered

Checkered tiles have always been hugely popular and this year looks to be following the checkered trend. Checkered tiles can look fabulous in entrance halls, cloakrooms, bathrooms and even sun rooms, kitchens and conservatories. They simply never go out of style! You don't have to stick to the traditional black and white tiles - there are a multitude of softer options available too.

Mosaic black and soft white check floor

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