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Rules For Hanging Artwork Correctly

Do you get frustrated or anxious hanging pictures in your home?

So, you've finally found your perfect mirror or favourite piece or pieces of artwork and now comes the dilemma of how to hang them correctly.

It can be a huge challenge and I have many clients who will ask for my help on how to position paintings etc. over sofas, beds, consoles, sideboards, you name it. I get it - you want it to look right and you don't want your walls covered in holes through mistakes.

So often I see artwork hung too high, too low and sometimes in any old spot and really if you just follow a few simple rules, it'll all make sense and look fabulous.

In this post, I'm going to simplify the rules in to my 5 top designer tips for you.

Rule No.1

Artwork should ideally be 2/3 the width of the furniture below it. This helps to prevent the mirror or artwork look too over-bearing or top heavy.

Rule No. 2

Make sure your artwork is positioned approximately 6-8" above the item of furniture it is going above ( although this image is stating 8-10" - you get the general idea) and about 60-66" from the floor to the vertical centre of the artwork for a stand alone piece.

Rule No. 3

If you are hanging multiple pieces of artwork, allow 2-4" between each piece and treat the group as one piece

Rule No. 4

If you're hanging a collage, first lay the pieces out on the floor and it is best to have the largest piece near to the middle. Ideally, take a snapshot to refer to when you've arranged your perfect layout. Remember, it looks best if the bottom line of your collage is kept in a straight line.

Rule No. 5

If you're not great with a tape measure, pop a dab of toothpaste on the the hooks on the reverse of the artwork/mirror and lightly press to the wall making sure not to smudge the toothpaste when removing the piece. This will help guide where the holes need to be made in the wall.

Obviously I highly recommend using a spirit level to get a super straight line!

So, these a just a few basics to hopefully give you a little more confidence in hanging your mirrors and artwork in your home - and remember the best tip of all....hang artwork that you love, that speaks to you, regardless of other peoples tastes and opinions. It's your home - and you should love it!

Finally, some rules are meant to be broken and I'm a big fan of sometimes just leaning artwork rather than hanging it. Here, I have leant a large canvas on a fireplace. Extra large canvases can also look good just leant against a wall on the floor. So, you be the judge and be courageous!


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